About Us

Road view of Arbour Village Co-op. Three floors are in view and balconies can be seen

Our History

Arbour Village was founded by members in the community in 1987.  Arbour Village Cooperative Homes was one of the first cooperative housing units available in St Catharines, Ontario.  There were two phases during the construction of Arbour Village.

Phase 1 of the construction of Arbour Village was completed in 1987 and was founded by the community members.  It was built with 12 three-bedroom townhouses which was unique because at the time these types of townhouses were not often constructed for the purposes of cooperative living.  However, there was a need for these townhouses so this project moved forward.

Phase 2 was developed by Niagara Peninsula Homes in 1992.  During Phase 2 of the construction of Arbour Village, there were different amenities added.  Volunteers and members of Phase 1 of Arbour Village provided feedback to improve their community.  Members suggested adding an elevator into the Phase 2 building due to need.  

Due to the two separate phases on two separate plots of land, Arbour Village has two different locations.

Arbour Village Cooperative Homes is located at 25 Barnaby Drive and 88 Vintage Crescent in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  

Arbour Village Cooperative Homes is managed by Niagara Peninsula Homes.  Niagara Peninsula Homes is a non-profit social enterprise.

Niagara Peninsula Homes Mission

Our mission is to create, nurture and serve vibrant and diverse communities. We empower people within communities to help themselves through a process of training, planning and evaluation.